Mrs. Crotty’s Rewards for Positive Behavior 

·        Individual Rewards

·        When a student is caught following the rules or just being a model student, they get to place their name in the treasure box.  At the end of the week, I pick a name out of the box (without looking) and that student can pick a prize from the box.

·        I also have a student of the week.  This student is chosen based on homework completion, conduct( must remain on the bottom of green all week), and the student has to have been here at school 4 out of the 5 days. This student will get to go down to AU II on Fridays and help with the cooking.

·        Classroom Rewards

·        Everytime the class receives a compliment, I put a marble in a jar. When the class has filled up the jar we will have a class celebration.  


Mrs. Crotty’s Consequences for Misbehavior 

·        Stop Light

·        Each student is assigned a number at the beginning of the year.  The student gets a clothes pin and moves it up the stop light as the negative behavior accelerates. 

 ·        They all start at the bottom of green . I will give them a friendly desist.  If that does not work, the student will receive a warning and move to the top of green.

·        If the behavior worsens, the student will move the clip to yellow.  Yellow means that the student will have silent lunch.

·        If it continues than the clip gets moved to red where the student fills out a think sheet and I make a phone call home.

·        This is daily so everyday the clips all start at green with a clean slate.