All About Me

All About Mrs. Crotty 

    Hello, my name is Katie Crotty and am originally from Buffalo, N.Y.  I then moved with my family to New Jersey for a few years. I have an older sister Julie and a younger brother, Adam. My father took a new job and that is how I ended up in North Carolina. 

   I went to Wake County Public Schools when I was little. I attended Millbrook Elementary, West Millbrook Middle School, and Leesville High School.  In high school I played soccer, cheered, and was on the yearbook committee. I then was accepted to East Carolina University.    At East Carolina University I met my husband.  My husband and I were best friends for about 8 years and then got married.  Soon after, my daughter Morgan was born.  She is now two and a half years old.   

   I decided to become a teacher because of one of my teachers in high school.  She was so inspiring and made learning fun, I hope to do the same for you.  I have been teaching 4th grade for five years now.  I think that hands down, 4th grade is the best!  When I am not at school teaching children, I love to go to the zoo, beach, and do outdoor activities with my daughter.  I spend lots of time with my family.  One thing that you might enjoy about me is that I love to play games during our outside time.  I also love going to my students games, plays, dance recitals or etc.  I am so excited to meet you and your family!